Saturday, November 22, 2014

Soccer Season is here again

Sports are such an interesting part of our lives now. They take up a season, give us a chance to cheer on our boy(s), and give them a chance to hone physical skills, and character.  But they also take up the best weather-weekends of the year, which is why I’m trying to talk the boys into sitting one season out so we can go camping instead.  As you’ll see in a later post, we took one weekend off to test out the idea and go hiking. And they all enjoyed it.
But for one boy, soccer is totally worth the sacrifice. This is his second year, and he continues to amaze me with how he enjoys the challenge, and grows in his skills.  He truly relishes the chance to kick all over the field, much like he kicked all over the womb pre-birth.
I love how he’s always red-faced, with freckles shining, after a game.

He received the award of the week (for “respect”).  We are so proud of you, Chance!

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