Monday, November 24, 2014

One awesome birthday party

One thing I have learned about boys. If you’re having a party and you want it to succeed, there must be some sort of ball game, or at least some sort of warfare offered.  One of Charlie’s classmates threw a party that had both. It’s been weeks since, and the boys are still talking about it. Chuck’s wanting more property just so we can do this sort of thing on a regular basis.  What’s a woman to do?!
So the party was a Camp His Hill, where Josh lives. The boys already think that’s super cool. But then you give everyone a sling shot and take them down into a canyon with paintballs, and suddenly the boys are in awe.  Personally I think giving kids sling shots instead of guns is pure genius. No one was injured or even bruised.
Getting ready…

Rallying the troops.

This child slays me with his cuteness. How could an enemy possibly not surrender to that face?! (Spoken like a true mom, huh?) EM190431

Can you find Chandler in this photo? EM190445

Chance, however, was nervous. He’d been warned that paintballs can hurt. So anytime the enemy aimed, he surrendered. EM190508

The fella enjoyed himself just as much as his boys! EM190522
As if that wasn’t enough, it was on to the gaga ball pit. Gaga ball is this new kind of game when you get into the “pit” and hit a ball around and try to not let it touch you (basically).  It’s all the rage at the moment.
EM190524 Chuck enjoyed this one, too…

Here's a short demonstration:

And this is how Chandler felt when it was over. EM190573
Worn.out.  Which is what I call “a successful party.”
Thank you, Stamness family, for a fabulous time!

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