Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Love Creek Orchards

It’s our yearly tradition, and I still enjoy every minute of it. This year, it was also our school field trip for the first graders. Love Creek Orchards is not only beautiful and fun, I learn something new each time that I go.  It’s well worth the time and money (although it’s affordable, too!).

Chance enjoyed the petting zoo.


And the music tent. Silly boy!


PA200025 Chandler really enjoyed his buddies. This is Ian with his little sister.


I enjoyed the tour yet again. This time I came with questions, and received some good advice. We planted our own apple and big tooth maple trees this year, just like the orchards does.  And they were so kind to lend me their wisdom.


As always, one of the highlights is helping with the apple sorting. PA200078 

This year we actually managed to skip pumpkin painting, and do some scarecrow dressing instead. This is Chandler’s Alien Cowboy.


Chance’s farmer.

 PA200119 And I only have this photo of a new event: the apple eating contest. They get the kids sorted into an age range, give them two pre-weighed apples and 60 seconds to eat as much as they can. Then they reweigh them to find the winner. Chandler won for his category!! With as much as Chance loves apples, I’m surprised he didn’t win in his, but he had a lot of competition (and Charlie’s age was in his bracket.)PA200148

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