Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lost Maples

The weather in autumn is always unpredictable. And while the temperatures were starting to dip, I knew the leaves might start changing at Lost Maples park. So we convinced Chance to take a Saturday off from soccer, and we trekked up to the park. It’s really only about an hour from our house. And we stopped at the OST on the way in, just in time to watch a Veteran’s Day Parade in Bandera. I love that little town! 

Anyhow, we made it to the park, and as I feared, it was full, but we only waited about 10 minutes before we could get in. From there on it really wasn’t too crowded.

I chose a long and high hike for us, and thankfully everyone did well. In fact, I dare say they all enjoyed the challenge. Chance reported later that he thinks it helped his stamina on the soccer field the following week.



I love this photo that Chuck took.

lredit-080044  lredit-180251 lredit-180252 lredit-180254 lredit-180258

I was surprised at the diversity of the landscape. The boys thoroughly enjoyed throwing rocks up into the mouth of “Monkey Rock.”


We also had moments when we thought of our sweet friend, Rebecca Taylor, and her impending Pancreatomy.  lredit-180281 lredit-180294

There were spots where the leaves were changing! lredit-180296 lredit-180312 lredit-180314 lredit-180346 lredit-180370 lredit-180381

Toward the end, we were racing the last minutes of daylight as we tried to get down the hills and back to our car. It was a little difficult at the end, with tired boys, but overall, we quickly decided it was worth the trip, and we’d do it again soon.  Also, a little more OST for dinner seemed to set everybody back to happy. PB080031

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