Thursday, November 27, 2014


{This is the perfect post for Thanksgiving. It sums up my latest blessings perfectly!}

The day after Halloween, the family went out to cheer on Chance at his next soccer game…
And enjoyed the rest of the day together. The next day we had family from far and wide come in, and friends join us as we celebrated a momentous occasion for two Thier boys: their baptisms. 
As it usually goes, they came from completely opposite directions.
Chandler astounded me a few months before his 5th birthday, asking to be baptized. I thought he surely didn’t understand what that meant. When I asked him why he wanted to be baptized, he said, “Because I want people to know that I love God.”  This is very much in line with his personality. He is so sweet and so trusting. He has a child-like faith, no doubt. I held him off for another 2 years before finally conceding that he was ready.
Charlie came from the other end of the spectrum. He’s a thinker and he’s been analyzing this from many angles. We’ve had many discussion on apologetics and the like. My emphasis has been that faith is their decision alone and in no way do I want them to feel any pressure from us.  Charlie began taking steps in the direction of faith in Christ in June. I have truly seen his mind and even his attitude transformed. It’s been a great delight to watch.
So, here are the baptisms:
PB020021 PB020025 PB020029 PB020041 PB020043 PB020048
And afterwards, friends and family joined us for lunch to celebrate. I was SO thankful for a beautiful day and a chance to truly enjoy our deck!
The family that came from Austin: Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Mel, Uncle Jason, Cousins Kaylie and Kaleb.
And Nana!! EM120091

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