Saturday, September 27, 2014

San Antonio Botanical Gardens

Yes, it’s been 1 year since I blogged last. Instagram and Facebook tend to work well for relating family stories and events. But for sharing multiple photos, I’m thinking this blog can still serve it’s purpose. So I’m going to skip the past year and leave that for another dozen later posts.

Last weekend, we decided to visit the Botanical Gardens because they have a Lego exhibit. What I didn’t anticipate: Regret. Anguish. Feeling like I could kick myself for not visiting this place (9 years) sooner! If you live locally, do yourself a favor and go see the gardens. And savor every moment. What a beautiful place.

Be warned: Your kids may become camouflaged in the giant Elephants’ Ears.


It’s refreshing to see so many water features in our drought-stricken land. 




Although the wonderful rain shower that came also added to that relief and ambiance. This was us seeking refuge under a 200+ year old dwelling. The kids thought it was amazing how short the doors were.

P9200030 My fave of the lego exhibits.



Oh the joy of the fans in the floor….

P9200080 (2)-2Chuck’s cool perspective on a water lily.


For a moment I don’t feel like they’re getting so big…

P9200123 (2)

Original poses by the Thier boys.

P9200129 (2)

We had a guessing game before we would read the sign for each lego exhibit. I think this bee took 17,000. I couldn’t help but feel panic that this sucker was going to fall to a devastating demise since he was hanging by a thread…

P9200130We found wildlife among the fauna!


P9200159Another favorite of mine. :)


This picture cracks me up! There’s an area with a bunch of hammocks, and Chance devised a way to make himself swing on it. He was having a blast!


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Mom said...

what a beautiful place ;) .. and the boys .. its so delightful to see them enjoying the surroundings NO MATTER where they are AT :) great shoot Babe !! Love Mom