Monday, September 29, 2014

Entering Chandler’s World

As I’ve mentioned before, and it hasn’t diminished over the years, Chandler continually brings me flowers from the yard. This sweet child truly delights in finding pretty flowers and bringing them to me. A few days ago, he brought me a bunch of Lantana flowers. I quickly reminded him that he shouldn’t take flowers that I’ve planted; I want their pretty blooms to stay where they are.  He emphatically told me, “No, Mom, I found these in the yard where you didn’t plant them!” So he showed me how he’d found a small niche where lantana was growing wildly on it’s own. I was amazed. I hadn’t ever noticed it there before.


So, as a break in his school day, I grabbed scissors and a jar, and told him that for once, we would pick the flowers together. He was to give me a tour.  What followed truly surprised and touched me. 

He knew every crevice in our yard. He was aware of the smallest of flowers. He even had named certain areas of our yard, from the “snake farm” to the “deep valley.” He was vigilant in telling me when I needed to watch my step and be careful. His working knowledge of our land was astounding. I knew he spent a lot of time outside; but I had no idea what an observer and explorer he had been.




These were Chandler’s favorites.


 EM170008 EM170009 EM170012

The sweet botanist.  EM170018

So, I took these photos, and I wanted to leave them here. Not only as a sign of something new I learned about my boy, but as a reminder to enter their worlds. How often I get so caught up in my world that I forget to enter theirs.  I will forever treasure this day when I got to follow him around and learn what mattered to him.  

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Unknown said...

I love this BOY .. I LOVE this family .. I LOVE YOU Daughter .. I love the Mother you have become :)