Saturday, September 28, 2013

Randi and Dan Visit

I was blessed with not one, but two family members asking to come visit at the same time this summer. Thankfully, they yielded to each other on schedules, and came back to back. Which meant that I spent the week before getting some major housework done. I do love having a goal! First up was Randi and Dan.
Dan had never before seen a hedgehog, so event number one was to play with Beatrix. My old dog, who now calls Randi and Dan’s house home, was not sure what to think of this prickly little rodent.
Since we had her out, I had to get a portrait or two.
Another favorite when they come in town: Huhot.  Charlie had to miss out because he was at baseball camp, and Chuck had to work.
At night we let Beatrix come out and play. This photo sums up Randi’s opinion of her. Ha!

And if you need a little hedgehog entertainment...

I didn’t take any pictures, but we did attempt a day at Fiesta Texas in the sweltering heat. That was fun…sorta. Randi got overheated and had to rest at home. And then - it was funny how God provides - we ran into our friends, the Carlins, at Fiesta and had decided to go for ice cream after the fireworks. When we loaded into the car, my tire was flat. It had a huge nail through the sidewall in two places. Thankfully, the Carlins, Chuck, and some good Samaritan came along and switched it to the spare. All of our kids were huddled around, intrigued by the event. We still managed to eat ice cream!
And no trip is complete without a little group photo. Hosea is thoroughly spoiled in his old age!  Thanks for coming, Randi and Dan. We love you guys!

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aww the video of beatrix is set to private and cannot view it .. even signed in :(