Saturday, September 7, 2013

Lake LBJ getaway

One quick trip I skipped was in April for my birthday and because the kids were out of school for Fiesta. Usually we go camping, and we were sad that it just couldn’t seem to work out this year, but we decided to head up to the cabins in Marble Falls instead. Despite somewhat overcast and rainy weather, we had a blast being together. And we were close enough for my dad and sisters’ families to come see us!

While I didn’t manage a picture in the bluebonnets this year, the first thing Chandler and I did was find ourselves some flowers for a bouquet. I promptly taught Chandler to not pick bluebonnets. But hey, I wasn’t going to let his chosen flowers go to waste!


I do love the light on an overcast day. We get to see Chandler’s big browns sparkle.


When the sun came out, the boys enjoyed playing outside. We had the place to ourselves since it was still only spring.


Another cloudy/cool day – the boys played frisbee golf.


This is the face I see a lot. I’m not sure I’m liking the changes that come with being 9 years old. He told me last week that he really feels like he knows enough now that he could get a job and maybe even live on his own. I was not expecting the teenage attitudes to hit so early. Lord, help us!



Despite that, he still smiles when he thinks I’m not looking.


And Chance has a never-ending arsenal of silly faces. Not sure if you can tell, but Chance has such cool blue/brown eyes.


My sister Desi and her girl Zoey came out to play.


Zoey’s eyes are stunning, aren’t they?


Dad came with a big chocolate cream pie from Bluebonnet Café to celebrate my birthday.


I so enjoy the age that Maddie and Zoey are in right now. Life is all giggles.


Chuck obliged us with a group pic. Not sure why I was making a face at him….


I definitely enjoy my nieces!



Chandler put his lifejacket on…


We also bought a small inflatable boat while we were there and paddled around the lake and dam. I don’t have photos for it, but it was fun, and nice since it was too cold to do much else in the lake.

On the way home, we stopped in Austin to meet a guy who was selling an old film lens. This was my first test shot with the lens. It’d worth clicking on to view larger. I am SO happy with this lens, which was my birthday present!


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