Monday, September 9, 2013

Date nights

This one technically started with my birthday. Chuck gave me a huge birthday present this year, in addition to the lens for my camera. He chopped his shaggy hair and shaved off his winter-long beard.  Huge(ly welcome) present, I tell you!
He went from this ---
To this ---
Ahh! This was pretty much my expression for the whole date. Smile

Since that time, we’ve been trying our best to get out and have regular dates. I’ll embrace the camera and show you another one Chuck took of me (with the new lens!).
And another of him. One of these days I’ll get someone to take our picture together on our dates. But handing someone a dslr is hard enough on them, but then to ask them to manually focus – forget about it!  But what I love about this one is that his brown eyes are sparkling, which is hard to get. Just like with his mini-me, Chandler.
And on a date in June, Chuck actually went with me shopping to pick out some shirts for himself. I can count on one hand how many times he’s actually shopped for himself since we wed nearly 14 years ago. So this was epic. Here he is, modeling the new shirt. I think he looks handsome!

I treasure these times and am so grateful for you, Chuck Thier. I love "doing life" with you.

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