Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Charlie’s Teacher Date


One thing I should’ve shared about already was the Summit Fundraiser Night. It was so fun, and there was a live auction after dinner that was pretty life-changing for me. I was not paying attention talking to a new Summit family, when suddenly the auctioneer gets my attention. “Ma’am, your husband has won the bid on a hedgehog and he needs your final approval.”

Wait, what?

Charlie’s sweet teacher, Ms. Bleser, had owned a hedgehog, and brought it to the class throughout the year. What I didn’t know was that she was ready to pass the hedgehog on to a new owner, and cleverly devised a way to make the school some money in the process.  By the way, “it” is a girl, and Ms. Bleser named her Beatrix, after Beatrix Potter (who wrote a book with a hedgehog as a character).

So,with all eyes on me, I stare at Chuck in complete confusion, as this man is not inclined to care for animals, and had been refusing my pleas to get the boys a hamster for years now. He’s got a big grin on his face. "Uh, whatever you think is fine with me?”

Cue lots of sweet parents coming to tell me what it’s like to be a hedgehog owner.  Surreal is what it was. Chuck said he’d been considering my hamster plea and decided that a hedgehog would be cooler. Hmm. Cooler? Yes. Pricklier? You bet.  Nocturnal-er? Heh.

But Charlie had already come to love Beatrix, so seeing the joy on his face made it all worth it. He dove into learning all about hedgehogs and even wrote a little article for the school newsletter about them. And somehow Beatrix loves him back.

With this knowledge of coming home with her hedgehog, we also bid on her “date with the teacher” offering, and won. So Ms. Bleser came over about a month later and was able to visit her precious hedgie, and take my boy out for a day of talking about animals at a petting zoo. 

Thank you, Ms. Bleser, for enriching our lives in so many ways.


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aww this is such a sweet story :)