Friday, September 27, 2013

Chance’s Half Birthday

Let me cut to the chase and get to the moral of this story – never plan to get things done for back home while you’re on vacation.

Chance’s half birthday (known as his friend birthday because he gets to have a party with his friends) occurred during our vacation. I convinced him that if he waited until after, I’d have time to make it a Minecraft themed party. But when we got home on a Wednesday, and his party was planned for Friday, I realized that all of my pinterest-inspired grandiose dreams would not be attainable.  To my surprise, I could not find any Minecraft themed items in any stores to bail me out of many time-consuming crafting projects. Basically, this party was very thrown together.

The silver lining to this potential catastrophe was that all of the friends we invited could come. Our home was inundated with boys and noise, filled with laughter and creativity. We attempted to make Steve heads from boxes, and played pin the tail on the minecraft pig (at which point one boy asked what the prize was for winning…another thing I forgot!). Since it was the heat of summer, I searched high and low for a slide like the one the boys had enjoyed in Tennessee to no avail. So we did a slip-n-slide instead.

I mustered every ounce of baking skill I had to make a sub-par Minecraft landscape cake for Chance.DSC_0423

And my dear friend Stacia graciously videoed the singing for me.

Overall, my hope is, Chance will not recall all of the unorganized, thrown-together mess, but will instead remember all the people who joined together, not caring how imperfect the accommodations, but to show him how much we love him, and celebrating the life God has given him.

We love you, Chancey.

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