Sunday, September 8, 2013

Baseball, baseball, baseball

Charlie is like Chuck in so many ways. I’m learning that he is constantly processing thoughts and ideas, but may not want to talk about it until it’s fully formed and decided in his mind. He actually tends to be paradoxically quiet, yet a strong leader. He is a natural at math, and gets very frustrated with himself if he doesn’t pick up a new skill quickly. A perfectionist, if you will. 
But there’s one way that Charlie is very different from his daddy. He LOVES baseball. He loves playing it, watching it, reading about it. There is no stopping his enthusiasm for it.  Chuck has struggled with wondering if Charlie’s at a disadvantage because his father doesn’t mirror him in this pursuit. But it’s been a good lesson for both of them, stretching them to find ways to connect on this level. Chuck is committed to supporting him at every game, and taking him to see minor league games. And I decided to take on the role of team mom. Overall, Charlie, I think you’ve still got it pretty good.
You also have not one, but two, parents who document your entire season each year. I have oodles of video and photos to show for it.
This year Charlie took on the position of catcher. The first game he played as catcher, he caught a pop up foul ball, to much cheering from our crowd, and he’s been hooked ever since!
His team. This year they won a game, which was quite exciting. We’re just so happy to be a part of a team that puts the emphasis on the kids having fun and not being too competitive.  Because Charlie – like his daddy – is very competitive.
And, of course, his fans. Nana and Big Daddy drove down a few times this season to cheer him on. Nana even brings her megaphone!
Also, his Aunt Randi and Uncle Dan attended a game, and much to Uncle Dan's delight, Charlie hit a home run!!  Uncle Dan loves baseball as much as Charlie does.

And then we took the boys to a Missions game.

He stays so focused the entire time.

And then he caught yet another pop up foul ball – and now he is hooked on going to Missions games!
The boys and “Ballapeno”
After this game, they let all the kids run the bases.

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