Saturday, August 31, 2013

Gardening 101

Chuck and I have longed to have a garden for a few years now. For the fresh produce. For the life lessons for us and our boys. For the deer to demolish. That last reason is why we’ve never planted one. I’ve had a herb garden indoors, but nothing within reach of those ever-hungry does and bucks. 

Chuck started studying books on Central Texas Gardening and decided to try a wicking bed. And we realized that if we put our dog pen around it (which we never used anyway), the deer would leave it alone. But, oh, how we underestimated the bunnies!  The down-side to writing this 5 months later is I know this one didn’t have a happy ending. Back to the drawing board…

Planting a tangerine tree. Because if this thing could produce, it would save some major funds. My boys eat tangerines like crazy!DSC_3849

This was seed-planting day! So exciting! So much hope!


Carefully setting the lettuce seeds in a line. Some escaped and made it into the ground….and to our surprise, they grew bigger in the ground than in our wicking bed. Oops.



Some seeds were grown indoors by Charlie.


We’d plant once we saw the roots coming out.


Charlie had his own pot of radishes and carrots.


First harvest! So exciting!


We also planted in a few pots around the wicking bed.


Chandler grew a bean seed at preschool and planted it as well.


Everyone chipped in with watering.


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