Thursday, August 29, 2013


Yikes, it’s been way too long. It’s August, the kids have just gotten their first week of school under their belts, and I’m feeling a little breathing room to get back to blogging.  I’ve debated just skipping the last months and starting with life now, but I’m going to be ambitious and seek to catch up in chronological order. Will I complete this task? Feel free to keep me accountable…

So, Easter. Easter was interesting this year. We had three school class parties, some late cold front that blew in to complicate them, followed by an anti-climatic Easter Sunday.

Chandler is the epitome of adorable, but then you throw a bunny in the mix, and it’s more than this Mama’s heart can handle.


Despite the freak cold front that left us thankful we’d left a jacket for Chandler in the car, the kids had a blast at the preschool party. It came complete with sack races.


And a pinata (I love Mrs. Campbell’s expression.)


Despite the cold, Chuck managed to join us for the preschool party. So fun.

Then, at Summit, there was an Easter egg hunt. The kids had to hunt eggs with their own names, which added a neat element to it. The hunt lasted longer that way, too!


Chance had an Easter egg hunt at the same time, which is why I don’t have photos. I was wrangling Chandler and helping Charlie. Sorry, Chancey!

Our next-door neighbor, Kristy, had suggested coming over and dying eggs with the kids…with shaving cream. You can see by their faces just how cool it was.


DSC_5004-002Not gonna lie, even the grown-ups loved it!


So, we’d had our parties, dyed our eggs, and finally Resurrection Sunday came…and the boys were all home with strep. Boo! But I’m thankful we had these moments to celebrate before the big holiday!

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