Monday, May 20, 2013



Sometimes I send Charlie to my room to do his independent work, so he’ll be uninterrupted. And sometimes this is what I see:


In the past few years, we’ve seen a great increase in the number of bucks around our neighborhood. This guy was bucking heads with an opponent before I got this shot. Like children caught in the act, they always stop as soon as they see me.


Our sweet neighbor Kristy gave the boys lots of sidewalk chalk for Christmas, so that their spelling and math work could continue.


Charlie, enjoying his new bb gun with a scope.


Chuck enjoying his old bb gun.


We have a cardinal couple who have become like pets to us. This is Mr. Card. His wife is “Cardina”. Yes, we’re quite original in our naming. Winking smile


The weather was gorgeous this past winter, so there’s been a lot of bike riding happening.  All this makes me wish I’d paved our road sooner!


And finally, after 2 years, I finally got an orchid to bloom in a jar!


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