Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Charlie’s birthday

When we returned from our Colorado vacation in February, I had a short amount of time to come up with a party for Charlie. I still have some nagging guilt about it, because it was kinda thrown together, and many people couldn’t make it.

But his best bud in our neighborhood, Ben, did! Along with his sweet mama!


Beyblades, anyone?


And Big Daddy, just a few weeks out from his big surgery, drove down from Austin. My sister Desi and her girl Zoey came, too!


Chuck showing off his favorite of Charlie’s gifts.


Desi and Zoey.


Smith-Andrews wedding-2160002

A glimpse at most of the party. Chuck’s parents, his sister Melanie, our friend Kira, etc were there, as well. I am so very grateful for the fact that our family will drive down (even on short notice) to celebrate with us!!


And since Mel had come to stay for a day (love that!), here’s a peek at the after party.


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