Friday, April 19, 2013

Colorado Vacation–the second half


Charlie’s Birthday was on Tuesday of our trip, and it turned out to be wonderful. We spent a gorgeous day on the slopes, enjoying the mountain with all of our might.  That evening, the Riebel family invited us over to their place. Their driveway was a long hill, which happens to be perfect for sledding!

A snowman was enjoying the sunset…



Here’s a video of the awesome sledding we did.

The Carlins going down the hill.


The ride back up – from the back of the golf cart.


This is how Charlie rolled.


All of the sweet girls playing (and trying to stay away from the boys).


It was icing on the cake that the kids got to spend their vacation with friends!


Silly picture alert.



We even had a little cake and sang to Charlie. Talk about an epic birthday.  Now all the boys want this (friends, and Colorado) for their birthdays…

After the sledding and dinner, we headed out to the springs in downtown Pagosa and spent quite awhile “swimming” in these big hot springs. The kids had a blast, and slept like rocks that night.

This is what all of our families looked like in the mud room. It was hilarious, with so many people calling out “I can’t find my boot!”, “Have you seen my glove?” “Where’s my hat/scarf/whatever?”


And on to our final days. For our last hoorah the three families went out to a restaurant for our final meal together. This was the kid table.


And believe it or not, there’s actually good Mexican food in Colorado!

We were sad when our final morning came…Chance, chillin’ with Dad before packing up.


After we loaded the car, we took the kids to a nearby sledding hill. It was nothing compared to the Riebels’ set up, but it was fun. You could tell that some of the snow was starting to melt, but we were setting out that day because another blizzard was en route.

Chance, attacking the jump.


Chandler made a snowman.


Charlie could have sledded What a blissful face!


Speaking of blissful faces…  I mean, check out that iconic view!


As we drove Southward, we stopped in New Mexico at a place the Riebels told us about called Echo Canyon. It’s a park just off the highway. Do you see the hollowed out area in the back? It made for some amazing acoustics.  Our little tone def choir had a fun time singing back there.


We stopped a couple of times to take photos along the way home because it was all so beautiful. This is Chuck’s shot.


And this is mine.


We are blessed to have a family with which to enjoy this beautiful Earth, and friends to celebrate!

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