Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Holiday Season

I’m not sure I could call it just Christmas, because we celebrate it all month long. And while I get overwhelmed with the busyness, the truth is, I love Christmas.  I love talking with the kids about Jesus. I love seeing their imaginations as they dream of life on the North Pole. I love the attitudes of caring. 

Here are the things we did in December leading up to the actual Christmas holiday

The Joneses and Thiers attended the Story concert.  This was the boys’ first official concert and it was amazing. If you can see the videos alone, it’s worth it. It takes you through the big stories of the Bible in Chronological order. Charlie said when it was over, “All that stuff you’ve been teaching me, and I’ve been learning in Sunday school all makes sense now. I get why all that had to happen.”  (WIN!!)


For the first time, Chuck got down the LGB trains from when he was a kid, and let the kids help him set it up around the tree. It was fun to finally reach this milestone. I remember seeing it around his parents’ tree before we were married.


Sometimes Flat Stanley and Flat Charlie rode on it, as well.


Chandler is the only who still believes in Santa. I had always told the kids that if they wanted to know if Santa was real, I would never lie to them. Chance officially asked me a couple of months before Christmas.  Once they know, they are allowed to help set up his gifts on Christmas Eve.  So I am relishing having one who still has the imagination and wonder…

Thankfully, Chandler’s preschool class met with Santa, so Chandler was able to meet him this year.


One night, Granny and our crew headed out to meet Nana and Big Daddy at the Bluebonnet Café in Marble Falls, and then stood in line for 2 hours to get into the Burnet Bethlehem. Despite the long wait, it was still totally worth it.


I brought our shepherd costumes, and the kids enjoyed acting like they were in the first century A.D. But sometimes people thought we were a part of the show and would ask us questions. Oops!


This is Marble Falls, lit up at night (from across the lake)…You might want to click on it to see the full view. It is beautiful.


Of course, there’s the yearly tradition of making gingerbread houses.


And Chandler’s Christmas party at preschool.


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