Wednesday, March 27, 2013



My dad has 9 siblings. That alone makes for a big gathering. But when you add 20+ grandkids (that’s my generation), and spouses, and their children…It’s a big party!  This is what the island looked like at my Aunt Sue’s house. Do you like our matching 3 crock pots? I think we average between 80-100 people at our gatherings. And I love it!

This year, Randi and Dan came up to visit, and of course Mom was here, so Aunt Sue invited us all.


By the way, if you ever use Indian warpaint tattoos – they take FOREVER to wash off.


The month before, this guy (Big Daddy) found out he had a cancerous tumor on his kidney.  It was a reminder to us all to not take our time together for granted.

Big Daddy with Mammy


And with his wife, Nana, of 20+ years.


Charlie loves going to Aunt Sue’s because he gets to shoot his bb gun. All the boys do. It’s fun…and kinda scary at the same time.


That evening, because Granny loves to cook, we had our own Thanksgiving Feast. It was delicious!