Monday, March 25, 2013

More fall randomness

So the truth is, once I’m 6 or more months out, I really kind of forget the stories that go with the photos. I’ve always had a weak memory.  But as I survey my photos, here are the things I want to remember.

Our neighbors down the street have a miniature pony that they wanted to train for riding. Only problem was, they needed someone light enough to ride him that was old enough to stay on. Chandler (mostly) fit that bill, so every Thursday Chandler got a riding lesson.  He loved hanging out with Peanut, especially since horses have been his favorite animal (along with puppy dogs), since he was little(r). 
I relished the time with my sweet neighbors, Marianna, and her kiddos, whom homeschool full time.

This is our friend Loralai.  She was in Chance’s preschool classes when he was 3 and 4.  But now she’s a big first-grader.  She and her brothers came over to play one afternoon and something magical happened.  She had 5 boys to play with and what does she do? Takes command and has them all watch “My Little Pony” with her. And suddenly I had a room full of boys totally sucked in. She left in her wake one child who is still completely hooked on that show: Chandler.  And even Charlie will tell me, “I don’t get it, it’s a girl show, but I kinda want to watch it.” Way to go, Loralai.  What a unique leader and precious girl you are!
Also last fall, we went up to the lake to see the family, and as we were searching the shoreline, we found a wild-growing watermelon!  And later, we actually ate it! It was delicious. Weird and random, I know, but the kids were totally impressed!
Searching the shoreline has become our favorite past time at the lake because it’s so low that it’s nearly back down the size it once was when it was “just" the Colorado River, before a series of dams were built, making it a chain of lakes. We find different rocks that we aren’t accustomed to seeing, and search for arrow heads.  The place where Grandma and the boys are standing should be 50+ feet below the surface of the lake. Lake Travis is the only lake on the chain that isn’t constant level, meaning that if there’s a drought, it has to keep giving out water to the lakes below.  And if there’s a flood, it has to hold that water so as to prevent the other lakes from rising.  It makes it a very clean lake, but it also makes enjoying it very unpredictable. At this point, it’s been very low for 3-4 years now.  Historically low, really.

And in the fall, this was a familiar sight: Charlie shooting his bb gun.PB216291

The colors of fall are absolutely gorgeous in our backyard. I am so thankful for our cluster of Mexican Red Oaks.PB216294
And on this random day, Chance actually posed for me. Check out the new teeth – no more gap up top.

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Alysa E. said...

When I worked at Mansfield Dam Park, we had watermelons growing wild a lot. At our park people go down by the shoreline and fish or have a family pick-nick,eat watermelon and then the next year we have watermelons! I don't know if the dirt has extra nutrients but they like to grow. I have eaten one from our shoreline and it was very sweet and delicious :-D Glad you all found one and tried it!!