Friday, March 1, 2013

Fire Department Day at The Point

As I mentioned a few posts ago, there’s a place called The Point, where you can hang out and order food from food-trucks.  They also host an art club type thing for homeschoolers on Fridays. One Friday, we happened to pop over there for lunch, and discovered they had a big day planned, with a visit from the local Firemen.  We all enjoyed it…I think Chuck had the most fun!



It was a HOT day, yet the firemen did a thorough job of teaching the kids. He put on all of his hot and heavy gear, and showed the kids how it’s hard to hear him talk, and hard for him to hear you. So, in a fire, don’t run away if someone is trying to grab you – it’s a fireman!  He just can’t communicate loudly to you! And you have to yell for help!P8314070P8314093

They also let the kids explore the fire truck.


And then it was hose spraying time (which was a great way to cool down, too!).







Chuck was a little sad that he didn’t get to man the hose – or have a helmet that fit.


But then the firemen let the daddies play…


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