Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fall in a Flash

As I have surveyed photos, I realized that these would not be worth posting individually, so here is a hodge podge of things we did in the fall as we settled into part-time homeschooling…


Chance purchased a triops kit, and it turned out to be really cool. These little water insects come to life when you let water sit for awhile. Then they eat each other until only the biggest remains.  They’re like tiny shrimp. The kids spent a lot of time (ok, so did I) watching the tank to see when they’d hatch and swim.



Science experiments at home: win!  We tested how molecules react in cold, lukewarm, hot, and salted water.


The kids were given RC cars so I let them try them out up at the school.


We introduced Granny to the San Antonio Zoo. We’ve been there innumerable times over the last 7 years, yet it never gets old.



Notice the sign “Reserved for 2 and under.” At least they obeyed the no-shoes rule.P9214776

They’ve been fishing here since they were babies.P9214778

We marveled at how the banana tree was actually producing fruit at the zoo! I hear that’s hard to do in our climate.


Ahh, leisure time.



I found a couple more brown recluses.  This time I had a meltdown…First, as I pulled clothes out of the washer, a newly-washed (and therefore dead) scorpion fell onto my lap. Immediately after, as I was pushing my comforter back into my duvet cover, I found this guy waiting for me. I was so ready to move right that moment.  Mom saw my hysteria (at 10:30 at night) and suggested Chuck take me out of the house for awhile. It helped, but I’m still hoping to never see these guys again.


One more zoo trip, this time with our friends Kira and Vivian and their kids.


Clearly this prairie dog found the best spot to keep a lookout.



Chance loved it. Oh how much I love his sense of humor.PA015056

Kira and her sister Celine, and Kyriel.


We also got to enjoy the Riverwalk on a not-so-hot and not too busy day. I do love going at the non-touristy times.


I took Charlie and Chandler up into the Tower of Americas (Chance was too scared – this was pre-tonsil and adnoid removal).


We enjoyed the park near the library…


We still managed a trip here and there to see our family up on Lake Travis (which is super-low right now, as seen below).


At this rate, I might just catch up to our current time…in a week or two! I think I can, I think I can…

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That baby with those squishy cheeks! So cute!