Friday, March 29, 2013



For Christmas this year, we spent a week in a RV at the RV park with Chuck’s parents, and 2 sisters with their families. The kids had the run of the place, and it was so fun. 


We were anxious to get our hands on this precious two-week-old. Meet Liza, our newest niece (in December, that is).DSC_0494

Her beautiful mama, who literally made it through 9 months of pregnancy without wearing maternity pants.


I relished all of the sunsets there on the lake.


We had a birthday party for my neice Kaylie, and her mama made this amazing cake.


Some of the many cousins running around, making memories.


The whole gang.


Ruby, the oldest niece, with the youngest….


Ethan, enjoying his lego train. I love that boys have so many cousins to play with, and they are all into the same toys!



Christmas Eve, we went back out to Aunt Sue’s, exchanged gifts and hugs with the family there. Christmas morning, we gave the kids their gifts, and they all played together for the morning. Christmas dinner was held at Chuck’s Aunt’s house.

I saw an idea somewhere (probably pinterest) and decided I wanted to try it – I made everyone shirts showing their order, so Chuck’s parents have a photo of their 14 grandkids.That’s 10 boys and 4 girls.  I had hoped to get a good outdoor photo, but a cold front blew in that day and it was extremely cold. So, the stairs had to do.


Chuck and his sisters, Mitsi, Tammy and Melanie.


Back at the RV park, the geeks got out their ipads and had an audience. Chuck used the fattify app on the willing volunteers and hilarity ensued.


I know I’m kinda skimming this, but Chance’s birthday is so close after Christmas that we had another party with all the cousins, and Chance LOVED his new bike. I loved that we had the RV park for him to ride it in!  He rode that thing all day, balloon trailing, with a big smile on his face!


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