Saturday, March 2, 2013


This post is not the easiest to write.  I love stories of redemption. Stories with happy endings.  But this one is a mixed story..Tragedy, triumph, more tragedy, an unexpected type of triumph.

My cousin Casey, when he was ten years old, was hit by a car.  He should not have survived. His brain was badly injured. He should not have been able to walk or speak. It was a long, long road to recovery, as his parents can attest. But he did survive, and he did walk, and he did speak…and he filled the next 20 years with many words testifying to the truths of God.  He still had a hard time. He still had seizures. His mind could only grow so far. But he progressed into a life of independence.  He lived about an hour’s drive away from his parents when his mom (my Aunt Della) came by to check on him, only to find he’d passed away in his apartment.

Death is definitely not a happy ending.  Not on this side of eternity, anyway.  Yet, as we gathered for his funeral in Georgia, we all marveled at how happy he must be now. He’s whole again. He’s completed his mission well. 

But he leaves behind family and friends who miss him dearly.  He had such a personality, it’s hard to even begin to describe. He could make you feel like the most valuable person in the world…like a celebrity! 

Anyhow, here’s the story of my weekend trip to Georgia, this time on a sad note, but with still so much joy in my heart to see my family loving each other.

The flight was full of interesting views…


I arrived just in time to gather with the family to go to the funeral.  Then we had a reception at my cousin Kelly’s beautiful house. She wrote a poignant post about that experience.

(Casey’s best friend Tracy, Andy, Aunt Della, My Dad/Big Daddy, Mammy…If you’ve been reading this blog much, you know how much these folks mean to me.)


I had the privilege of watching my Aunt Peggy, my former English and French teacher, newly retired from decades of teaching, reading to Kelly’s boy, Weston.


Half of a year earlier, I was here watching Weston play with Casey.


But I digress…

I got to see some of my aunts loving on Mila, Kelly’s youngest.


I was able to enjoy some time with this beautiful family…P9104415

I remember being so honored when I was young, when Aunt Della would tell me how Casey, Kelly and Lisa wanted me to be their babysitter… Now they’re all grown, but I adore them just the same.




I love you, Casey. I wish I could’ve been there when God told you, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” You were and always will be dear to me.


della said...

Thank you Angie. I miss him every day, he fought hard to come back from the brain injury and did with such a great attitude. I miss how he always wanted everyone to smile and be happy. I feel blessed to have been his mom, he was a special gift that can never be replaced only cherished in our hearts and memories. I look forward to seeing him in Heaven, excited to show me how beautiful it is. How wonderfully merciful our God is to save us from this old world of suffering and sin. Heaven gets sweeter all the time. I love you, Angie.

carlbabin said...

Thank you so much Angie, I never thought I would lose him.