Monday, March 25, 2013

Big Daddy’s Big Surgery

{I originally had this scheduled to post in April, in chronological order, but given this most recent news about my Aunt Vickie, I'm posting it now. Please pray that she is truly cancer free and able to go home!!}

In January, the day finally came for Dad to have the surgeons remove his tumor. They had hoped to leave at least part of his kidney, but they wouldn’t know until they went in (laproscopically) what would happen.  Thankfully, they were able to leave part of it, and they removed not one, but two cancerous tumors!  Dad said if he had to have cancer, this was one of the best forms to have because it can be so easily corrected when caught before it’s metastasized. And that was the case! What a relief!
Here was Big Daddy’s cheerleading squad, my sister Anna, Cousin Marie, and Nana.
Anna snapped this photo before Dad went into surgery.
{I love my Big Daddy!}
However, there’s another story to be told. Big Daddy and Nana have had a roommate in their home for the past several years: Aunt Vickie, Nana’s sister. She loves the Lord and is a joy to know!  She had discovered that she had some form of leukemia shortly before the day Big Daddy was to have his surgery. She sat up with us in the waiting room all day, waiting to hear how Big Daddy had made it through.  But before it was over, Nana convinced Vickie to check into the ER because she was having severe abdominal pain.  Turns out, she had gall stones, but they couldn’t treat it until they knew more about her cancer. This ended up being a huge blessing, as it sped up the process. Later it was discovered that she has an aggressive form of leukemia and every day counts!!  She was admitted that day, and as I’m writing this 2 months later, she still has not been able to leave the hospital. She has been through two rounds of chemo so far, and had her gall bladder removed. They’re about to start an even harder treatment. So, please say a prayer for Vickie, would ya? She sure deserves all of the prayer we can give for her!

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