Sunday, March 17, 2013

Adam’s Send Off

It’s a bit weird calling him Bubba now that he’s grown. But “Uncle Bubba” came to see us as his last visit before moving to the land of fruits and nuts (California).  We were sad to see him go, and especially Granny, who was saying good-bye to her youngest.


Dan and Randi came along, and pardon the phone picture, but it was a nice evening so we had chili on the porch.


Of course, the boys think Uncle Bubba is the coolest thing since legos were invented. They also think he was made to wrestle them.


We also set out to the family’s favorite restaurant: Huhot. It seems like we only go when they’re in town, but it’s become a fun tradition. Bubba and his mini-me, Chance.


The gang…


Aunt Randi and Uncle Dan brought the Angry Birds board game.  Also, notice my bouquet? Chandler brought me flowers constantly this fall.


And there was more wrestling…


And, the final day…


I remember the day he was born, changing his diapers, helping him with homework…and now he’s truly independent, living on his own with his love a thousand miles away.  So proud of you, brother, for the man that you’ve become. You are loved.


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