Monday, February 11, 2013

Wrapping up the school year


A few things marked the end of the school year for Charlie and Chance.

For Charlie, it started with AWANAs. A friend had invited him, so he’d joined the group on Wednesday nights starting in February. AWANAs is a kids’ club with a lot of emphasis on Scripture memory.  Charlie LOVED it, and I loved hearing all the verses from his heart! 



Charlie had a second grade performance. He enjoyed it. I’d try to point him out, but it’s kinda tough with that big group…


But here he is:


Kinder also did an end-of-the-year performance. Each class performed a song, and Chance’s class chose “Mr. Sun”. Chance ate it up!


For the last day, kinder did a really cool event…They had each child come in swimsuits, with a spray bottle. They then chased each other, with these “water guns” and had several swimming pools with activities to do in the water. It was so much fun!


Chandler enjoyed it, too!



And finally – the last day of kinder and 2nd grade!


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Anna Ellis said...

He's 8 from the left, 2nd row (from the top). :)

Too cute!!!!!