Thursday, February 21, 2013


The summer was a time of transition for us.  After our great family vacation to California over Spring Break, I realized how much our boys needed us around more often.  There was an emotional wall that went up, especially with Charlie, when school started and I would have to break it down at the end of each school year. Charlie also had some academic issues with writing that needed more work.  And we were all tired of running the treadmill of the school schedule.  So I finally looked into a couple of university-model schools, which is where the boys would homeschool three days a week, and go to school the other two.  University Model Schools started about 20 years ago, but they’re fairly new (4-5 years) to our area. I went to information meetings for both, and decided on Summit in Boerne for various reasons.  We set up a family interview for May, but got cold-feet and canceled.  But after a month or two of thinking about it, we decided to pursue it!  A couple of things that helped us ease in was an Ice Cream Social at one of the family’s homes, so we could meet the whole school (staff and sutdents/families), and then a meet-up of some of the third grade boys so they would know each other going into the school year.

On the day of the Social, it was raining, so we stayed inside and got cozy with everyone.
This is Charlie, probably saying, “I’ll have a little bit of everything.” That child LOVES ice cream.

The meet-up. We met out at a ranch, and it made me want to live on one.  It was a boy's paradise!

A few of the third grade boys.

Checking out their targets.

How do you cool off on a July day?  Swim!

And I have to include this because I want to remember it. See this pergola?! I want one attached to my house – doesn’t it look so inviting?!  There’s a good use for Cedar!
And then another round of bb’s – as we check out a nearby creek. Despite my fears of ricochets, the kids tried to hunt minnows.
And then Chandler found a snake skin. Oh dear. Maybe I’m not quite ready for a boy’s paradise!

All of this helped settle us in to the new school.  Many thanks to my friends Sarah Jones and Stacia Crafton for patiently answering my borage of questions over the past few years!

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