Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Port Arthur Trip

As summer break began, the kids and I loaded up and headed to see our family in SE Texas.
First stop was Granny’s house, complete with Uncle Bubba to play with. Silly Bubba wanted to give me a funny face…
But I managed to get a smile out of him anyway!
And on to the wrestling…
After a great visit with Granny, and even an afternoon with Jenny Featherston, we met Uncle Mike and Aunt Peggy in Galveston. The Pier had just opened, which is a carnival-like area open year-round.
Chan found a way to keep cool in the muggy heat…
Uncle Mike is the “fun uncle” who has won the boys’ hearts. They ask almost daily how long it will be until they can play with him again…
Charlie braved this one by himself! He’s in the middle, with the orange cap on.
Chance could’ve driven the cars all day. They even had smaller ones for younger kids!
Aunt Peg hung out patiently on the sidelines, holding all the loot.
She also took pictures for me!
And then we enjoyed feeding the sea gulls on the ferry.
Which was on our way to Mike and Peg’s cabin. This time around, Uncle Mike was there to teach the boys to surf.

After a night enjoying the beach, we headed to Port Arthur, where I was able to meet up with some old friends. Meet Kaley, who was a little girl with white-blonde hair when I moved away. Now she’s a beautiful young lady!


She was teaching Charlie how to best throw a ball.

Kaley and Jennifer, and Jen’s 2 sweet girls. As you can see, Chandler took a liking to Jen’s oldest, Avery.

That evening the family met up for our traditional reunion at Chili’s. I LOVE that we get together like this!
Uncle Jimmy and his precious Joe Ann. After losing Aunt Delores, it’s good to see him smiling again!
The whole crew.

The next day, Aunt Mimi (my sister Maribelle) invited us out to a festival in Nederland.

They had all sorts of fun activities for the kids!

Aunt Steph and Charlie

Eating pieces of watermelon…

Watermelon smashing. Yes, this truly happened. And the boys loved it!!

My sisters Randi and Mari, hanging with me at Mike and Peggy’s.

We also got to visit my beloved Dodo. I know it’s complicated, but she was my step-grandmother growing up, and we never let go of the relationship. She lives in a nursing home now, and I enjoyed getting to sit and visit for awhile. Chance took this photo.P6107661

One late evening, my beloved friend from middle/high school came over to chat into the wee hours of the night. That Sunday we joined her family for church, and I was blessed to hear her lead worship. Then we had lunch before we had to say good-bye. I am blessed with some great friends!! I miss you, Aliceson!

The kids and I went on a little tour of my home town and I showed them the old homes that I once lived in. They’re all still there!  So many memories and stories to tell. It was a great trip!


Mom said...

this is an awesome post ..thanks Babe !!

Unknown said...

You take such wonderful pictures! You have a beautiful family :)