Sunday, February 10, 2013

Charlie’s Baseball Season

I glossed over this a couple of posts ago, but I wanted to expound here...

Once again, this past spring, Charlie was afforded the chance to shine on the baseball field. I don’t know that he’s particularly better than anyone, but he definitely has a great drive for anything baseball related. He’s painted baseball paintings, attended minor league games, and dreamt of playing in the big leagues. In short, he’s hooked.  He comes alive during a game, and stays completely focused. He longs to get better. He’s learned how to handle loss gracefully. He still brags a little more than is proper. But overall, his sportsmanship and skill have grown this year.  And it’s been fun to watch.

Praying before and after games? Pure awesomeness.
He was blessed to have some adoring fans visit and attend his games…
Aunt Randi and Uncle Dan

Nana and Big Daddy, who actually came down more than once…
His biggest fans…
Although, they may just be showing up for the snow cones…

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