Friday, February 22, 2013

Anna Visits

Also in July of last year, my sister Anna came into town with her family. We really had a great time, and got to play tourists as we all checked out the Ripley’s Wax Museum.


This is my brother-in-law Charlie, as the fourth “Stooge.”P7277939

The Thier boys loved seeing Indiana Jones. I don’t know that they’d dig it as much if there wasn’t a Lego Indiana Jones video game. Winking smile


Disney and the “11” dwarves.


Anna, Charlie and William with the Wooly Mammoth


The World’s largest tire, with Charlie thrown in for scale.



World’s tallest man. I wonder what his shoe size was?!P7277971

Our whole group…


And then we went to Chris Madrid’s…Charlie approved.


Charlie was in town for a bowling tournament.  Meanwhile, Anna and I met up with Granny for some fun at the Point. The Point is a food-truck “restaurant” and we LOVE it.


My neice Maddie, trying out a deep fried oreo.


Thanks, Annie, for coming to play with us!! Love you!

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