Friday, January 4, 2013


Once upon a time, back in the early spring of 2010, Chuck had a business trip planned to Atlanta for a weekend. So I opted to go with him to visit my Aunt Della, Uncle Carl, and her (grown) children.  I was delighted that my cousin Kelly gave birth right on time, and was literally arriving at her home from the hospital with her new baby just as I was getting into town.  I was able to soak in those glorious moments of watching a couple become a family, and parents become grandparents. It was a sweet and beautiful time.

Fast forward a couple of years later, and Kelly (along with her super-husband, Andy) are expecting again. Kelly asks if I’d consider coming to town again to welcome baby #2.  So, I asked Chuck to take the kids the weekend of my birthday and let me jet off to Georgia again. This time, my beloved grandmother was there, and once again, it was incredibly special.

My uncle Carl, enjoying his teeny tiny granddaughter, Mila.


Four generations: Grandmammy, Della, Kelly, and Mila.


Mila with her aunt (my cousin) Lisa.


Mammy. I’ve written about her before…I had the delight of traveling back to Texas with her on the airplane. I relish every minute I get with this woman.


Baby #1, aka Big brother, Weston.


Weston with his uncle (my cousin) Casey.


Little did I know, this would be my last photo of Casey. He passed away unexpectedly from a seizure in September, a month shy of his 30th birthday.  While it pains me even to type that last sentence, I’m quickly reminded of how much he loved the Lord and how this is not the end.


On that note, please keep my Aunt Della and Uncle Carl in your prayers. Life without their only son isn’t easy…


And here is Aunt Della primping her granddaughter for a photo.  Kelly gave me full reign to take all the photos I wanted in her beautiful home, and of her gorgeous family. ever!


I have never seen a child so head-over-heels in love with his baby sister. It was absolutely amazing!


Kelly has an awesome DIY decorating blog, and Andy teaches middle school math (my hero!). They have taught me so much about ways to save money, decorating, and parenting.  And they’re younger than me! Love it!! They’re great parents…Mila and Weston are blessed to have them!


What is it about a baby girl that brings out the fierceness in a father? Pure strength and protectiveness, truly from God.



Looking back, I am even more thankful for this trip, for the joys and time with family.  I definitely don’t need more “stuff” for my birthday/holidays – I need more time with those I love!

Many thanks to my better half for letting this weekend happen!


Gabi said...

This is going to be the longest blog comment ever, so strap in for the ride! :)
First off, I read all of your blog posts but I think this one may be my favorite one EVER. The photographs you took are absolutely BEAUTIFUL - you have such a gift. I love all the rich color. Also, I love the way you talk about your loved ones (especially your sweet grammy and your cousin, Casey.) Your words are so sincere and authentic - just like you in real life! Finally - I love your cousin's blog! I've totally used her curtain tutorial to make the curtains in my house. How fun that you two got to hang out and share your gifts to put together such precious pictures!
Ok - that's all! I miss you seeing you around, friend! We need to have a birthday club again. Happy New Year!

grandmaw Babin said...

This is so sweet, thank you for the invaluable photos and time you invested for us. We love you and I miss seeing your boys grow up but enjoy getting regular updates. Its just not like being there though. Della

Kelly said...

Thank you so much for this! Some of these pictures looked new to me; I must've just forgotten in the newborn-baby-haze. I loved every picture and every memory and I'm so thankful you've been there at our most important moments. Not just for your photography - although it is SUCH a blessing - but also for your friendship and advice. Love you!

anas antics said...

LOVE these photos! Those baby photos, oh my! Angie, they're fantastic!