Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Birthday Club

I am a blessed woman. I have the most amazing, fabulous, intelligent and respectable girlfriends.  When it comes to character, they are first class.  And they are so much fun!  We fell into a habit of getting together for a birthday, here and there, and eventually decided we should just do it every month! And our birthday club was born…

One of my favorite meetings was December 2011.  Being December,  I figured not many women would be able to attend.  But to my delight, eighteen ladies said they could come. I called numerous restaurants, learning that it was difficult in December to accommodate a group of that size.  As I told my friend Christyn about the issue, the morning that we were to meet, she said, “Well, I’ll cook and everyone can just come to my house!”  Can you imagine pulling off a big party the day of? But Christyn did it, and with excellence! We had a delicious meal and visited well into the night.  It was the last meeting for my friend Jenny Featherston, who was due to move later that month, which made even more meaningful.

I have rarely taken photos at these meetings because, well, I’m too busy chatting!  But in March we celebrated Christyn’s birthday and I managed to take a few photos…


Unfortunately I had some changes to my schedule this fall and haven’t been able to coordinate any more meetings. But the good thing about this blog is that it makes me reflect back…I think it’s time to make it more of a priority!  Each one of these ladies are so precious to me! God has blessed me greatly here, with sweet fellowship.

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