Friday, January 11, 2013


It’s something I don’t usually post (here's the last time)…But Chuck and I often have non-family photos and I thought I should post a few here from last April-June.  Spring is always a beautiful time in our neighborhood.
We stop mowing the backyard so we can enjoy the bountiful blooming season of the wildflowers. This Spring was particularly lovely, due to the substantial rain.
Here’s an example of the backyard.
We also enjoy a good bug photo here and there. Since moving here, I have become much more aware of the various insects, both good and evil. This is a cicada seen through my window. Once you get over the ick-factor, they’re quite intricately made.
Ahh, butterfly season! I have an enormous amount of photos of caterpillars, cocoons, and butterflies.  The kids and I stayed outside nearly all of the sunlit hours of a few days to watch the festival going on in our yard.  We also jarred a few, but found that only one of every three would make it. Thus, we decided that they’d be better viewed outside.
And finally, there was the glory of the skies above us. Chuck is a wizard at getting moon shots.
And anytime there’s a colorful sunset, you can find me on the roof of our front porch, making panoramas, This one was concocted with 36 different shots! A new record for me.  For photogs, this was using the Brenizer method. You can click on it to see it larger, although I have uploaded a smaller version.
sunset pano-001
This was a single shot.
Ahh, how therapeutic it is to be in God’s creation, marveling at the mystery of it all. We are so blessed to live in a place where we can enjoy it to this extent!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A quick overview of May 2012


The kids had Fiesta Fandango at school…


Charlie was in the thick of baseball season.


Prayer time before and after games (love it!).


We visited our family in Austin.P5050988

Had a crawfish boil there.


Saw distant (in miles) family and old friends. You can’t tell, but Renee and Tammy are both expecting in this picture.P5051097

Oh how I enjoy my nieces. I love how they like to hang out with the adults while the boys play.


Chuck giving his sister his usual older brother look.


I love how my family and Chuck’s hang out together! Big Daddy with Chandler.


Charlie finished up his semester as a Sparkie (AWANAs).


And he performed in a school play. Not sure if you can tell, but he has a navy bandana, 2nd row from the top, in the middle.


Chandler continued to bequeath flowers to me daily.


Chance’s class performed a song (Shimimarkiny Dink) at the kinder show.P5231484


And Charlie played more baseball.


It was a great and busy month, as usual!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Camping near Garner


I guess we can’t really call it camping this year. The cabins at Garner were closed for renovations, so we stayed in a nearby place where we had a/c and very nice rooms. It was not “roughing it” at all. But we gathered with our friends, and as always, it was a blast.

We went on a mini-hike together. This is Griffin, scaling a tree.


The kids found a scorpion in it’s natural habitat: under a rock. I figured since it wasn’t invading my house, it deserved to live.


For some reason, Chuck had stayed behind. Here’s our little family…


Our beloved friends, the Jacksons.


Amy with Brady and Max.


The Thompsons, who decided to beat us all to having 5 kids. Smile


My little photographer.


And his protégé. I have many one second videos from this time.


Chuck and some of the other dads built a rock wall in the Frio to enable a deeper swim area for the kids.


My ruggedly handsome man.


And one of our handsome boys…


The whole group of kids, celebrating Linden’s birthday.


Cassidy on the rope swing.


Charlie, like a ninja…


The nearby field provided hours of entertainment and games.


Although it wasn’t very deep, I was so excited that the Frio had water, given the big drought of 2011.


There was also a group of farm animals that the kids were allowed to pet anytime. SO fun!



For the group picture, I set up my camera, and then sat beside it (to guard) while everyone got ready for it.  As I was testing the remote, I got some interesting “outtakes”.


And our (big) group.  I look forward to this trip every year!


Our silly picture.


Chuck, just before he busted it on Charlie’s bike. haha!


Somehow most of the dads enjoyed the kids’ toys…


One night I gave the kids glow-in-the-dark bracelets. I then set up a long exposure as they played in a field, and this is what resulted:


This one looks like a fire-breathing dragon to me…


Sigh. Just looking through this group of photos makes me want to go back!  We are so blessed to have our friends!