Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chandler’s 4th birthday

March brought about some good wind and warmer weather. So we sojourned up to Austin to celebrate Chandler’s birthday complete with kites, giving the family a break from having to drive down to San Antonio.  We met at a park, and had a blast. 

The only picture I have of Chandler is this out-of-focus one. I then switched to video and accidentally hit “stop” when I meant to hit “record,” thus missing his birthday song. Oops, sorry, Buddy!  But here’s proof that you were there, and you were celebrated!


Grandma was there, playing with Leland.


Hendrix, whom the boys lovingly call “Shookie.”


Another of Chandler’s cousins, Kaylie.


Nana helped document the action. Maybe I need to check with her…hmm…



The boys rallied together and decided that Charlie’s socks made great containers for pebbles. So they filled them up…P3037091

Dumped them into the top of the twisty slide…



Charlie and his buddy Caleb helped prepare them at the bottom…P3037101

And WHOOSH! Their buddy Ben slid through them at the end.  I love it when the boys get creative in their play.


As if on cue, the ice cream truck showed up.


And I got to hold a baby. The end. Winking smile


No actually, it’s not.  You can’t have a birthday post without a slideshow.

Happy Birthday, Chandler!  You are such a ray of sunshine in our lives. You’re always happy, laughing and smiling. When you got money for your birthday, we took you to a book store. You asked about a bin you saw, and we told you how that was for kids who needed books. Then you went and picked your 2 nicest books, and put them in the bin.  Daddy and I were blown away at how no one taught you to be such a giver – it’s just your personality.  When we have ice cream at ChickFila, you always ask for 2 cherries on top. You bring those home to your brothers, since they weren’t with you to get ice cream.  There’s rarely a day that goes by when you don’t find flowers in the yard to pick and bring to me.  I could go on and on.  I’m so thankful that God gave us you!  We love you!

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