Friday, May 25, 2012

Chance’s Writing Journal

{I am three months behind on blog posts, and 2 months behind on editing / printing / sharing photos. But today I just had to share something in real time, rather than from 3 months ago.}
At school, Chance has had a journal that he writes in for class.
Today, he brought that journal home.
I just had to share some of his...”stories.”

I like picnics with Mom. (Aww)

In this one, his teacher labeled the various items. First of all, notice how his favorite word, “FAT” makes a few appearances.  Second, he loves Crystal Beach (the beach I was raised on SE Texas, which he believes has crystals in the sand, and it’s a magical place to him).  And the strangest egg the teacher's ever seen? Also, isn’t that a man on the sun? And why is the guy parachuting?  That never happened on our mini-vacation to Crystal Beach…

This is our home.  I guess Chuck and I like to stay outside while our kids are inside. And that’s a cave below our house. Nice touch, Chance.

Again, the favorite word. 

I love this one. My mom and Dad are awesome and they play frisbee with me (is what he means).  And clearly, Dad is larger than life.

The recurring theme: Liking picnics with Mom. Note to self: eat out on the porch more often.

Again, the favorite word. Joined with yet another funny word…

When I get bigger, I’ll be a hunter to get food so I can help the city. (Aww!)

One rainy day, I spitted at the window. It was funny. (Wait, what?! What window?!)

His book review: I like the part when they got fat. 

This weekend I got new legos. It was Captain Jack, it was the  boat.  (Why shout “Mom!” – because Mom needs to come see, of course!)

I like my dog. My dog is cuckoo.

I saw a catepillar in it’s cocoon. It had golden dots. (Nice.)

And my personal favorite (because Chance is OBSESSED with Minecraft): “This weekend I played minecraft all day because it was fun."

There ya have it, Chance’s personality in a series of pages. Oh, how I love this silly boy.


Mom said...

Love it !!! and I am so happy he likes FAT ... I have a very personal reason for that one... hahahah

Mom said...
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