Saturday, February 4, 2012

Thanksgiving part 2

Granny, Aunt Mimi and Uncle Bubba also came to visit for Thanksgiving.  We had a great time!  We had a Thanksgiving feast Friday. I wish I would’ve taken photos, but it was delicious!
Granny brought her new puppy, “Sugar Baby,” which Chandler felt the need to hug, squeeze, and drag with him everywhere.
Chance and I pulled on each end of a wishbone, and he won the biggest portion.
Aunt Mimi took a nap. Can you find Sugar Baby?
The whole group.
Then Friday night we headed out to Boerne to “Dickens on the Main.”  We’d never been before, and it’s something we’ll definitely do again!
I love my baby (18 yr old) brother!
The next day we went to see a movie (Happy Feet 2), and then we made rice krispy treat turkeys.
Aunt Mimi had some fun with hers. I could watch this over and over…


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