Thursday, February 9, 2012

Our First Photoshoot

I find it ironic that I first sought to learn photography so I wouldn’t have to pay a photographer.  Because the more I learned about photography, the more I valued what pro photographers do, and came to realize how much I needed to pay a photographer!  There’s no way that Chuck and I could’ve gotten these many GREAT photos of our family in 30+ minutes time. This was the first time we’d hired anyone, and we went with my friends/photography mentors (Sarah and Stacia) at Treasured Art.  It was a fun and fabulous experience!
We started our in our entire outfits…But since our lovely Texas weather chose to feel more like summer that day, we shed the extras pretty quickly.
I brought Smarties candies because they’re small and light colored, so a few eaten between shots wouldn’t mess up the boys’ smiles. Here we’re telling them, “Say Smarties!”  Hey, I’d smile for a Smartie, too!
Chandler is such a ham!
I love it when my middle child gets to shine!
While Stacia was around the corner photographing the boys, Sarah got some shots of Chuck and I. Score!
What I love about this one is that no one told them to do this…
There are over 70 photos and I had a hard time selecting which ones to blog, because they are ALL good.  But this one I’m especially proud of.  I explained to Sarah and Stacia this idea that I had in my head, knowing full well that it might be hard for them to catch the same vision.  But they nailed it…and I mean nailed it!
And when the 30 minute mini-session was up, it was perfect timing, as the boys had hit their limit. This is something I will definitely do every year as long as I am able. Thank you, Sarah and Stacia, for sharing your beautiful talent/skill with us!
If you need family photos, Treasured Art comes highly recommended. You won’t regret it.

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Danielle said...

Oh I LOVE that last shot! And you look so gorgeous Angie! Great pics.