Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mr. Sims’ Book-Signing Party

So, I’ve mentioned him before, but I have a neighbor in his 90’s who is as sharp as a tack! His memory and intellect are astounding. And his wife’s as well. They’re heroes of mine. So when we had a neighborhood lunch one day (Thank you, Shirley!), Mr. Sims’ daughter came and mentioned that the family had taken his memoir which he had written, and were publishing it as a book. They planned to surprise him with it after Christmas.  So the neighborhood ladies decided we wanted to have a party, and while he thought it was just a get-together, he quickly learned he was coming in to sign his own book!  It was awesome!
Mr. Sims signing a book for Shirley and her husband Joel, who have been his next door neighbors for 30 years.
Update: I just finished the book (2/12/12) and greatly enjoyed it. Mr. Sims says he's considering writing more, and I dearly hope he does!  My favorite quote from the book:

"Hunger is perhaps one's greatest weakness. Hunger for food will cause one to steal from his brothers and sometimes become a glutton. Hunger for power will sometimes cause one to degrade and bear false witness against his brother. Hunger for wealth will cause one to cheat and defraud. Hunger for acceptance will often cause one to conceal and deny the most precious tenets of his character.  Man is most honest when he hungers for salvation."

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