Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Charlie

This week you helped pick out and set up everything for your party. You were very intent on having great goodie bags for your friends. You hugged each person after receiving their gift. You put your arm around your friends and asked "What's up, my man?" and made them feel special...important...valued.  I have loved watching you grow this year.

You've really hit your stride with reading. It was so exciting to see your joy as you opened 4 books from us as presents!  You are losing the young kid-ness more every day.  Your foot is almost as big as mine. I can hardly believe I bore you 8 years ago, and now I'm having deep, almost adult conversations with you. This is going way too fast...please pretend to be little just a little bit longer, ok?

You received an mp3 player for Christmas, and wanted this song for your slideshow this year.

We love you, Charlie. Happy Birthday, Son.

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