Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Halloween, again

I posted the photos of the boys in their costumes already, but here’s the group shot at the Jones’ annual party. I’m pretty sure this was our 6th year to attend…and the first year that I wasn’t afraid of losing a kid as we walked door-to-door trick-or-treating.  Thanks again to Sarah for always hosting us!
And here are shots from the party…The bigger kids always lead the pack to the door. Chance is in the middle with his Thor custome on.
Chuck is wearing a headlamp and stopping the bigger kids from getting too far ahead while the others catch up.
Brian was wearing a protestor costume that says “I am the 99%. I paid for college and they still expect me to work. Give me your candy!” (haha)
Sarah and her precious twins.
Captain Jack (Charlie) checking out the booty.
Chance inspects his haul. 
Chandler shows off his loot as well.
One thing I didn’t get photos of was our own neighborhood. We live where everyone has acreage, which would not be easy to go door-to-door through. But this year, 2 of our neighbors invited us to stop by their house on the way to the party. I love that my kids are so loved here!

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