Friday, February 17, 2012

Granny and Bubba visit

It’s a bit of musical cars in my family lately. We owned a Ford Escape for the last decade, and loved it. But as it approached 200K miles, it had many issues. My brother is very mechanically inclined, so we decided to give it to him. He and Chuck worked on getting it running all day Saturday. At the end of the day they were so disappointed because it wouldn’t even start.  Chance and Granny prayed for it. Chance asked God if He could make it not need oil or gas ever again.  Anyhow, as they worked some more, on a whim Chuck decided to give it a try. It started right up!  That was 1.5 weeks ago and it’s still going, yay!  Adam is so excited to have his first car. 

“Lookin’ fierce” pose…


Granny had a moment of tears as she realized that her youngest child is not only 18 years old, but independent and car-owning.  I laughed, but really, I’ll be there before I know it!


Granny brought Adam up in her new car: a Ford Explorer.  Back in the day, I owned one and it remains my favorite vehicle. So I was pretty excited when she handed me her keys and had me drive her around San Antonio all weekend. Thanks, Mom!


Congratulations, Bubba. We love you!


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