Saturday, February 11, 2012


This year Christmas break went by in a flash but was so much fun. After Moody Gardens, the kids enjoyed a few days at home to themselves, then Grandma and Grandpa came to visit.
They took the boys to Target to pick out their Christmas presents. Chance got a Nerf gun.

Chandler received a veterinarian kit, and Charlie picked out a DS game.
On December 23rd, Uncle Mike Villareal gathered everyone in my extended family together to see the movie Tin Tin. We probably took up a third of the movie theater!  Then, on a whim, my Aunt Sue took the boys to spend the night with her boys.  So Chuck and I went home, wrapped presents, slept in, and joined them again on Christmas Eve.  We had our usual BIG Villareal bash at Aunt Sue’s house.
Big Daddy gave Charlie and Chance bb guns for Christmas.
Grandmammy gave all the great-grands flashlights, which they played flashlight tag with for the rest of the night.PC245692
The boys slept all the way home from San Marcos, and slept in the next morning. Somehow sleep was prioritized over Santa…
Chance opening an art set. Here we are 6 weeks later and I’ve been impressed with how the boys are still using their art sets daily.
Chandler received legos. He’s really getting into building now.
It’s blurry, but Charlie received an mp3 player. I wasn’t too excited about giving him a reason to tune us out, but so far he’s loved it so much it’s been worth it. I also filled it with Scripture memory songs (FTW!).
This was our first year in a long time that we’ve been home with no plans on Christmas day. The boys specifically requested no road trips, to Austin day trips, etc. And we all really enjoyed the family time.
Chuck set up a target and we did some shooting on our beautiful and warm Christmas day.
Even our littlest shooter got in on the action.

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