Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Charlie and Chance’s School Parties

So, I’m rolling this into one post, but I spent the bulk of their last day before Christmas break at the school with the boys. It was fun to get some time with their classmates, and was worth paying a sitter for Chandler for the day, to have this time one-on-one with each of them.

Charlie making a pine cone snow man.



And do you see his face painting…I’m no artist, for sure, but I got to paint that!


In Chance’s class, I could tell he was my kid because when he finished decorating the cookie, he started eating the icing straight from the bag!


I love the ornament he made. He has such an eye for detail.


His class.


Then I drove the boys home (sugar high, mind you), loaded up the car and headed out to Galveston. More about that tomorrow…

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The Tibbs' said...

Hi, Angie, I love following your blog as I have for a while. Are you all in San Antonio area? Case and I are headed that way with the Navy. I would love to pick your brain if I could about schools if you might know how I might find a good one and such. I would also love to get together with you one day. Please email me since I have no other way to connect with you.

Robyn Tibbs