Saturday, February 18, 2012

Charlie’s 8th Birthday Partay

I already posted his slideshow and mentioned his party, but here are some photos from his big day.  We had weather that kept changing, which kept me on my toes with the party planning. It was cold but not quite raining, so we had a good time with a few friends and family. It was perfect, and wonderful!


Blowing out the candles…



The crew decorating cookies to look like angry birds.


The yummy cupcakes.


I am so thankful Chuck took these photos – otherwise there wouldn’t be any. It’s always so hard for me to take photos at a party that I’m in charge of, ya know?


Charlie with his Lego Scorpion gift.


Happy Birthday, Bud!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Granny and Bubba visit

It’s a bit of musical cars in my family lately. We owned a Ford Escape for the last decade, and loved it. But as it approached 200K miles, it had many issues. My brother is very mechanically inclined, so we decided to give it to him. He and Chuck worked on getting it running all day Saturday. At the end of the day they were so disappointed because it wouldn’t even start.  Chance and Granny prayed for it. Chance asked God if He could make it not need oil or gas ever again.  Anyhow, as they worked some more, on a whim Chuck decided to give it a try. It started right up!  That was 1.5 weeks ago and it’s still going, yay!  Adam is so excited to have his first car. 

“Lookin’ fierce” pose…


Granny had a moment of tears as she realized that her youngest child is not only 18 years old, but independent and car-owning.  I laughed, but really, I’ll be there before I know it!


Granny brought Adam up in her new car: a Ford Explorer.  Back in the day, I owned one and it remains my favorite vehicle. So I was pretty excited when she handed me her keys and had me drive her around San Antonio all weekend. Thanks, Mom!


Congratulations, Bubba. We love you!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Madison Elizabeth

As I showed at Chance’s birthday, Anna was pregnant. We had a shower planned for her a month before the baby was to be born…But Madison came the week before.  She was born at 35 weeks, so she spent nearly 2 weeks in the NICU.  She’s home now and doing well.  But when she was less than 24 hours old, I ran up to Austin to get a look at her.


Sweet baby girl. Her Mama even put a bow in her hair…so proud of my sisters as they are making for great moms!


This one brings back memories of Chandler in the NICU when all we could hold was his hand. 


Desi was there too, with the 3 week old Zoey. I think these cousins will be playmates before we know it.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mr. Sims’ Book-Signing Party

So, I’ve mentioned him before, but I have a neighbor in his 90’s who is as sharp as a tack! His memory and intellect are astounding. And his wife’s as well. They’re heroes of mine. So when we had a neighborhood lunch one day (Thank you, Shirley!), Mr. Sims’ daughter came and mentioned that the family had taken his memoir which he had written, and were publishing it as a book. They planned to surprise him with it after Christmas.  So the neighborhood ladies decided we wanted to have a party, and while he thought it was just a get-together, he quickly learned he was coming in to sign his own book!  It was awesome!
Mr. Sims signing a book for Shirley and her husband Joel, who have been his next door neighbors for 30 years.
Update: I just finished the book (2/12/12) and greatly enjoyed it. Mr. Sims says he's considering writing more, and I dearly hope he does!  My favorite quote from the book:

"Hunger is perhaps one's greatest weakness. Hunger for food will cause one to steal from his brothers and sometimes become a glutton. Hunger for power will sometimes cause one to degrade and bear false witness against his brother. Hunger for wealth will cause one to cheat and defraud. Hunger for acceptance will often cause one to conceal and deny the most precious tenets of his character.  Man is most honest when he hungers for salvation."

Things we do for fun

Play Monopoly.



Read books.


Play in the rain/mud.


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Zoey Jayne

The final day of our Austin trip, Chuck spent entertaining the boys while I waited at the hospital for my sister Desi to have her baby.  They induced, but after hours of labor with no progress, she had a c-section. There’s something so awe-inspiring about watching people you love become parents.  I’m so proud of you, Desi. Welcome to motherhood (and its many, many joys).
Nana, there to comfort while the labor pains took their toll.
Jay, there to bring a smile to her face.
Ready for surgery (post epidural…can you tell? ha!)

Jay took my camera back with him and took this shot. Way to go, bro!
Proud Papa!
Hello, sweetness.
Zoey had quite the entourage outside her nursery.
Aunt Angie loves you, sweet girl!
A few days later, I was able to visit again.
Poor baby girl was having an allergic reaction to something…she was still beautiful, though.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, the photos for Charlie and Chandler look odd, but those white sticks are where we put the Valentine’s Day suckers in…Chance’s class wasn’t allowed candy, so his doesn’t have it.

On a side note, last week was crazy busy, and this weekend was cold and rainy, so I couldn’t get these photos done.  I was so thankful that today turned out so beautiful!  I took the pics, jazzed them up, sent them to the printer, Chuck picked them up an hour later, and voila! Done! I love it when it works out like that at the last minute!