Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love Creek Orchards

It’s a yearly tradition, Love Creek Orchards. This year we tried going to a closer one and it was a big fail. It was the one in Helotes. It was more expensive than LCO at the gate to get in, and THEN you had to buy tickets for everything. And it was not nearly as cool as LCO. 

They had a petting zoo, but all of the animals were in cages.


Chandler, one that is not deterred, had a great time anyway.


And I did manage a shot of the boys while we were there.  I love how Chance has on crocs even though it was cold that day, and Chandler was wearing his knight costume, and his HEB stickers on his jacket.  Charlie wasn’t really looking because he was talking about how he wanted to buy a bigger pumpkin. The rest of the attempts I made have him pouting because I said “No.”

PA284179So I decided that just wouldn’t do, and we made a Sunday afternoon work. I want to say it was the last day LCO was open? But we had so much fun.

Chandler decorated a scare crow. Charlie did, too. I think Chance did as well, but at that point Chandler had run off, so I was chasing him rather than getting a photo. Story of my life. Sorry, Chance.



This year my friend Kira and her daughter Kyriel came. I love coming with first-timers because it’s like it’s new again. Kyriel rocks the bean bag toss…


The petting zoo.


Charlie managed to feed the turkey without losing a finger. He gets bonus points for bravery.


One thing we all enjoyed was the Indian dancing. They had a teepee and a group of Indians dancing, and then the chief gave a mini sermon on the religion of the Indians with his testimony thrown in. The boys were totally into it!



And a ride on the train, and we were good to go. I love how this is the second year in a row that Charlie rode the train to help a smaller child out. By next year he may be too big to even fit.


This time, instead of painting the pumpkins there, we brought them home and carved them (a first!) and then put lights in them. Charlie was finally happy to get a big pumpkin.  Chandler even put putty in the mouth of his jack-o-lantern, so it looked like his tongue was sticking out. This is what they looked like at night in their room:


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