Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keeping my camera with me

It’s something that I’ve slacked on for awhile now…But one day as we took the kids out with us to run errands, I remembered to bring it. My thought process on taking photos is usually this: Do I have a subject (people, most often)? Do I have good light?  If the answer is “No” to either of those, I’m not motivated. I need to get better about taking snapshots again. Yet, there’s another side of that – when I’m not behind the camera, I’m participating with my family. And that’s also something I’ve been trying to do more. Not sure if my family cares, but it’s been nice for me to connect more instead of living the moment through the viewfinder.
Anyhow, this one day back in September, we were eating lunch at Taco Cabana and there was beautiful light there…
Can I just swoon over Charlie’s eyes for a moment? God really blessed me when He gave Charlie those baby blue eyes – they inspire me to shoot more!
And Chandler’s eyes – they challenge me. They are so dark that I have to have the light just right to get those big browns sparklin’…
And Chance…well, let’s just say his personality inspires me! Haha! He’s gonna kill me for this someday, but I have this series of photos of him checking out his reflection in the glass as he was supposed to be watching the tortillas being made.  Then for a split second he kissed his reflection. God bless that child, he keeps me laughing!

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