Sunday, January 22, 2012

Grandmammy’s 80th Birthday

I’m amazed that my family managed to pull this off. All ten of her children, and nearly all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren assembled to celebrate Grandmammy’s birthday – to her surprise!

Anxiously waiting for her to walk in…




My cousins and aunts did an amazing job of putting together a slideshow of photos and videos of her entire life. (Mammy watching)


Then there was the cake…


Someone brought beautiful cupcakes, too.


My cousin Travis is stationed in Germany, and even though the party started at midnight his time, he stayed up and hung out with us on skype for hours!P9105486

My favorite part of the night was when everyone shared what they loved about Mammy, and she said “I’ve always said I’m the richest woman in the world even though I don’t have any money…because I have all of you.”  Love it. 

Mammy and her 10 blessings.


And 18 grand-blessings… (including Travis on skype, though the light reflected on the screen)


And the youngest generation, the great-grands.


And the three great-grands on the way…


I love you, Mammy!


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Kristy Walker said...

wonder tribute thanks for sharing. remember these times they are truly blessings.