Saturday, October 6, 2012

California Vacation, Volume 5

The next day was cold, and somewhat rainy, but the boys braved it and we explored more of Monterey.  Point Lobos Natural Reserve was so interesting.  The rocks look like my driveway- built into a natural concrete.
Sea Lion Island
A leopard seal didn’t seem to mind that we were within 50 feet of her.
The sun made an appearance, so we ate lunch and headed to Chandler’s, I mean, Dennis the Menace park.
Chuck, showing off his buffness.
There’s nothing like a game of tag to break up the touristy tours…
The boys spent at least an hour running back and forth, daring the waves to touch them. And Chance drew himself in the sand.
My seacombing finds…
And here’s a taste of the sounds of Monterey (please ignore my children…)

Friday, October 5, 2012

California Vacation, Volume 4




After playing in San Francisco, we made the trek down to Monterey.  We had debated on what to do there. I wasn’t sure we should go to the Aquarium because a. it was pricey, and b. we’d already been to the Aquarium of the Bay in San Fran.  But some of our friends urged us to go, and we are so grateful. It was incredible!

This is one of the “tanks” which was so large and beautiful. We even watched a scuba diver go in to feed the fish, and talk to us all the while about the aquarium, and local marine life.  P3147002

Meanwhile, outside, we watched 2 leopard seals play all over the bay.


The diver feeding the masses.


The boys were able to watch a wave pass over from the inside of it.



Starfish with little tentacles.


Yes, another flounder. They’re just so funny looking to me!


More morray eels…


Anenome that looks like a wave.




Fuzzy (alive) sand dollars.


One of 2 giant octopuses. We spent a bit of time learning about them. They’re really smart and crafty. We watched as they were fed, and learned how they remember people, and know who feeds them well (and show favor). The aquarium had to install spongy flooring where they walk near the top of the tanks, because it was the only thing that would deter the octopus from sneaking out at night and going to munch on sea life in other tanks. 




More leopard seals in the wild…I wish that we could watch life interact like that on our Texas beaches!


More eels. I loved how this one just laid himself out on the coral.


The boys loved this cuttlefish.


My crew. Smile


Once again, not a fan, but these jelly fish are amazing!


Chan was watching the action in one of the tanks. I will never forget the wonder we had as we watched the sardines swim in perfect choreography.  Of course, the sharks were cool, too.


Then we had a nice seafood dinner. How’s that for irony? 



Our silly family…


Following dinner (well, really, it was lunch), we had a moment of exploration on the beach.  I was enamored with the amount of wildlife there on the beach. Anemones, mussels, crabs, fish, seals in the distance. It’s a playground of activity!


Chan man, jumping the rocks.


This bird must do this all the time – he photobombed our picture!


This little conk shell hitched a ride…


Thursday, October 4, 2012

California Vacation, Volume 3

Ok, so only a few posts to go…
At last, Chuck’s conference ended and we were able to spend some time with him San Fran. We toured a place called The Exploratorium. Wow, this was amazing!  It was a huge warehouse filled with science experiments for kids.  We could have stayed there for days. I had to drag Chuck out of it when it was time to go!
Here’s Chandler doing his best evil villain impression in a wind tunnel / mock tornado thing.
This was a large cone, that faced another one across a large room. The idea is you can make a noise in one and hear it easily in the other. Thus, Chuck startled people who walked by the other one with his squirrel noise.  So funny!P3136871
Chan wanted to show me his “I love you” sign.
Luckily for the boys (unluckily for me), we happened upon a cow eye dissection. The boys were enthralled! (And I was…not. Ick!)
Charlie greatly enjoyed this exhibit, there he was able to choose a marker color, and then let the design be made based on how he moved the holder…
The boys spent a lot of time with the colored lights, dancing and posing.
How’s that for a short and sweet post?  Ah, but there’s more to come!
One last thing: we drove down Lombard street…